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Hunting Bear started in 1987 when Brilliant started as a retail shop. We very soon learnt that we could not live eat and sleep together and remain sane. Chris decided to go off and do (his own thing) which consisted of starting a Native American Business. He has always consistantly remained true to the belief in what he sold and the quality of the merchandise. He sells some southwestern style jewellery alongside the real stuff but will always explain to you what is what. None of our American Indian jewellery is made anywhere other than New Mexico, Arizona or Utah. We were lucky enough to be consulted about our jewellery for the remake of the series Auf Weidersein Pet, and supplied most of what the B.B.C. needed for that series. We also went on set in Page Arizona and watched the filming. Throughout the years we have supplied many famous people including Linda McCartney, Dame Judy Dench, Bob Hoskins and David Soul to name but a few.